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Dan Pasternak Transitions Into New Role as NJGF President

The New Jersey Golf Foundation will transition into 2017 with a new President and changes on its Board of Directors.

Gregg Angelillo will step down as the Foundation’s President after serving the last six years at the helm, but will still serve as a regular member on the Board.

After completing his three-year term as the District No. 2 Director on the National Board of Directors, Black Oak Golf Club’s PGA Professional General Manager, Dan Pasternak, will serve as the NJGF’s President.

The 2013 National Bill Strausbaugh Award winner is a former President of the New Jersey PGA and NJGF. Pasternak played an important role in the creation of the NJGF, and is respected among the PGA Professionals in the Section.

Downloadable Holiday Party Flyer | Board of Directors Page

Tom O’Rourke, a member at Spring Brook Country Club, will take over as Vice President. O’ Rourke has been a member of the Board for the past six years, and was Secretary for the previous three years. O’Rourke is currently the Vice President of Retail and David Yurman

Cherry Valley Country Club member and six-year Board member Hugh Miller will become the NJGF’s Secretary. Miller is the owner of Hollyrock / Miller Marketing Communications, and has worked closely with many country clubs throughout New Jersey.

"Dan's been a great friend of mine and has really excelled on the PGA side of his career," Angelillo said. "I do trust wholeheartedly that Dan is going to do great things."

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